To protect you or your child’s teeth against tooth decay, our dentists may recommend a dental sealant. A sealant is a clear or tooth-colored material applied to the deep pits and grooves of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, which are extremely susceptible to decay. By placing a sealant over a tooth, we can:

  • Block out food and bacteria that can cause cavities
  • Create a smooth surface that is easier to keep clean and healthy

Sealants are a great option for children and adults because they help prevent costly oral health problems before they arise. Placing a sealant requires just a few minutes at Compassionate Dentistry in Glenelg. Once in place, you or your child can enjoy a smile that is more likely to stay healthy. Please call or visit our office today if you would like to learn more about dental sealants and the benefits of preventive dentistry.